How 3D Imaging and CEREC® Are Working Together to Improve Your Dental Experience

Advances in dental technology over the years has helped me to more effectively improve and maintain the health and beauty of my patients’ teeth. One recent advancement in particular has been extremely helpful for me – the combination of Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG3D Imaging and the CEREC® machine. I have integrated these two innovative devices into my practice to help expedite the dental implant and restoration process. With these two machines, I am able to create a personalized template that helps guide the implant into proper position, making the entire process faster and more accurate. The combination of this technology also allows us to create an implant abutment and implant dental crown in a single visit, eliminating the normal three-week turnaround needed when utilizing a laboratory.

By embracing developing technologies and inventive new ways to replace missing teeth, our office is helping to make the dental implant process more accurate and convenient than ever!

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