Catherine’s Waterlase® Laser Gum Lift Experience

After completing a teeth whitening procedure for his patient, Catherine, Dr. Robert Rioseco suggested he could quickly fix her uneven upper gum line with a simple laser procedure. Having been bothered by excess gum tissue for some time, Catherine trusted Dr. Rioseco’s expertise and chose to proceed with a laser gum lift. Using the advanced Waterlase® laser and his keen artistic eye, Dr. Rioseco carefully contoured her gums to evenly elongate the appearance of her upper teeth and create a symmetrical smile. The procedure required only topical anesthetic (no shots!) and took just 15 minutes to complete. Catherine reported feeling absolutely no pain during or after treatment. When she saw her results, she was thrilled to see her improved smile and could not believe how simple the process was.

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Before treatment, Catherine’s teeth appeared to be different lengths, a cosmetic flaw she would try to conceal with her upper lip every time she smiled. Now she smiles confidently for pictures and even enjoyed celebrating her birthday in New York City the evening following her gum lift. The only special care her gums required after treatment was a few days of less vigorous tooth brushing to facilitate healing. Catherine is extremely satisfied with her smile and says she would recommend the Waterlase® laser gum recontouring procedure to anyone with a gummy smile or an uneven gumline.

If you are considering a laser gum lift, we encourage you to contact our practice to schedule a consultation with cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rioseco.