How Long Will My CEREC® Crown(s) Last?

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.33.37 PMFor many individuals, CEREC® crowns have been touted to last over 25 years. The durable ceramic material they are created from and the precision with which they are designed typically result in superior fit and strength. The latest CEREC® software packages and machines create incredibly accurate tooth restorations based on advanced 3D imaging technology. The restorations are precisely customized to blend functionally and aesthetically with surrounding teeth, as though each crown were a naturally occurring tooth. Additionally, new ceramic materials that offer the most superior levels of strength and aesthetics can be used to create CEREC® crowns.

All that being said, however, the lifespan of a crown is typically less dependent upon the material it is made from and has more to do with the care and maintenance of the crown after it has been placed. Factors such as teeth grinding and recurrent decay often lead to crown failure, regardless of the material used to create it. Good daily dental hygiene and attending regularly scheduled cleanings and exams with Dr. Robert Rioseco are vital to extending the life of your CEREC® crown.