GALILEOS XG® 3D Dental Imaging

Advancements in dental technology have allowed Dr. Robert Rioseco to continually provide quality results for our patients at The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. The GALILEOS XG® 3D dental imaging system by Sirona has greatly improved Dr. Rioseco’s ability to detect, assess, and accurately diagnose a wide array of dental concerns. Most importantly, the system often enables him to identify problem areas in their earliest stages. Since early detection typically leads to prompt treatment, these superior x-ray images can help prevent the development of more complicated – and costly – oral health problems.

The scanning process can be completed in 14 seconds, and within two minutes a 3D computer-generated image of the entire mouth can be created. This high-resolution image gives both Dr. Rioseco and the patient a clear visual reference when discussing treatment plans and can enhance doctor-patient communication. The GALILEOS XG® 3D can also abbreviate the time patients spend at the dentist’s office and increase overall patient satisfaction. This technology has been used to improve the outcomes of a wide number of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, from Invisalign® to dental implants. The GALILEOS XG® 3D is also specially designed to work in conjunction with the CEREC® system for tooth restoration procedures.

Guided Implant Surgery

Unlike a traditional x-ray, the images produced with the GALILEOS XG® 3D shows the nerves and blood vessels in addition to the teeth, bone, and gums. This enhanced level of detail can greatly improve the planning and placement of dental implants. When creating each patient’s customized surgical approach, Dr. Rioseco can strategically select the best location for each dental implant, improving the comfort and efficiency of the procedure. Exceptionally detailed treatment plans and computer-guided surgery can also increase the accuracy of implant placement, making the results of the procedure more predictable with a lowered risk of complication.

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